Corporate Advisors​

Insurance solutions for corporate advisors

Corporate advisors provide expert advice and guidance to clients on a range of business matters. With the volatile global economic climate and technology driving competition, it’s also necessary to navigate the rising costs of compliance as well as ever-changing client needs. 

These challenges can feel overwhelming. However, the right risk management strategies and expert support will help to ensure that you can stay ahead of changing times and continue to focus on delivering first-class service to clients. Our team is here to help you secure comprehensive coverage for your business, to mitigate risks of financial repercussions and professional liabilities that may arise from your work with clients. 

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Your coverage options

Coverage for corporate advisors is commonly a mix of varying types of insurance given the nature of the job and the varied risks at play. We recommend a coverage solution that features: 

  • Professional indemnity protection
  • Coverage for directors and officers
  • Insurance for instances of crime

Frequently Asked Questions

Can coverage be bundled into one policy for a more competitive premium?

Yes – our general recommendation for corporate advisors is a ‘three-in-one’ policy that incorporates coverage for professional indemnity, directors and officers, and crime. It is important to note that the limit purchased can either be shared or stand as a separate tower across the three sections. We will work with you to help decide the right level of coverage.

How much coverage do we actually need?

No business is the same, therefore no policy is either. We need to fully understand your business to be able to advise on all possible risks and ways they can be mitigated. Reach out to our team for a no-obligation quote to give you an idea of what sort of coverage would be right for you.

Can I renew my insurance policy annually or do I need to reapply?

Policies are typically due for renewal every 12 months, although it is possible to purchase a longer coverage period of up to 18 months with some of our insurance partners. Contact our team today to discuss your needs. 

What is the process for changing or updating my coverage?

We understand that as your business grows your insurance needs change. If you need to review your policy and update coverage, simply get in touch with our team as soon as you become aware of the changing risks and we can work with you to update your policy accordingly. 

How will my claims be handled?

Our claims advocacy team can work on your behalf to handle any claims disputes and achieve the best settlement outcome possible.

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