Insurance claims advocacy

Facing a claim against you? No matter how large, complex or contentious it may be, our team is here to help you achieve a favourable outcome. 

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Making the claims process easier

Making claims can be a time-consuming and challenging process. We’re here to be your advocate – in the event of a claims process where the outcome has or is not fulfilled, we provide timely, hands-on guidance, with a focus on risk-management strategies and strategic claims analysis to mitigate future losses. Our growing claims experience and reputation means that when it comes to insurance claims advocacy, you can count on our team to provide you with the support you need. 

How we work together

Our claims advocates are highly experienced at managing claims of varying complexity and contention, drawing on years of expertise to work towards a positive outcome for you. We offer: 

  • Strategic and technical advice
  • Engage with specialist resources where appropriate from our network of trusted partners
  • Ongoing support from the initial claims notice through to settlement
  • Share with you our recommendations and insights to mitigate future losses.  


While our insurance claims advocacy team will work with you on a customised plan for your claims process, it generally comprises three key stages. 

    1. Evaluation
      Our team will assess your claim, assign you to the most appropriate advocate and map out a plan of action for facilitating a desirable outcome
    2. Facilitation
      We then begin the process of negotiating a resolution, addressing your concerns and planning responses to any potential roadblocks that may pop up in the process. We will also seek specialist advice from our wide network of trusted partners as needed.
    3. Reflection
      After the claim has been settled we will provide you with detailed advice about potential policy gaps and conditions to be addressed to ensure that you have mitigated future risks as much as possible. 

Why engage with a claims advocate?

Working with the Risk Advisory Hub team for insurance claims advocacy is a worthwhile investment for several reasons: 

  • Get timely settlement of your claim
  • Tap into the knowledge of trusted advisors with years of advocacy experience
  • Benefit from the full support of professional claims advocates who can confidently represent you in the negotiation and settlement process
  • Gain valuable insight in how to optimise your coverage to mitigate future risk.

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