Investment managers insurance

Investment managers are exposed to high risks of rigorous litigation claims for any financial loss as a result of the guidance and professional services offered to their clients

Great responsibility requires strong protection


In today’s litigious business environment, investment managers, advisors and firms find themselves at increased risk of liability for loss incurred by their clients. One ill-fated investment decision could mean costly consequences for your client – and your business. 

Whether you run an equities fund, a PE/VC fund, mortgage fund, property development or agricultural fund, investment managers insurance will provide you with valuable coverage for the exposures you face. 

Advisors you can trust

While the financial services industry in Australia is highly regulated, we understand that the risks for insurance managers and firms are complex and unique. The industry itself is broad and requires strong knowledge of legislative requirements, regulations and the risk profiles of various business types and structures. For example, in Australia if your fund engages with retail investors (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001, then you also need to hold a professional indemnity policy that complies with RG-126 regulations. 

That’s where we come in. Our team will work closely with you to settle on an insurance policy that is tailored to your risk profile and overarching business needs. 

A policy that works for you

To keep things clear and simple, our team will work with you to combine multiple types of coverage that you may need into one streamlined policy that protects individuals as well as the business. As an investment manager, your insurance policy may incorporate any of the below options: 

  • Professional indemnity insurance, for protection against claims of professional negligence and errors
  • Cyber liability insurance in case of cyber attacks and data breaches
  • Insurance for directors and officers to cover them against claims of wrongdoing or mismanagement
  • Crime insurance for the entity, including coverage for losses that may result from theft, fraud, or embezzlement. 

Investment managers will find themselves at risk of claims made by clients. If you do find yourself in that situation, we also offer a complete claims advocacy service to help you get the best outcome possible with minimal adverse impact to your business. Head to our claims advocacy page for more information. 

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