Blockchain and Crypto Insurance

We are Australia’s only specialist blockchain and crypto insurance advice firm. Our blockchain insurance brokers offer comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to the needs of businesses operating in the blockchain tech, cryptocurrency, and digital asset space. 

Why do you need Blockchain and Crypto Insurance?

Blockchain technology is a decentralised and distributed ledger that allows for secure and transparent record-keeping. Cryptocurrency (more commonly referred to as crypto) are digital tokens that are verified and recorded in a decentralised manner using cryptography. 

While both of these technologies are game-changers for more cost-effective, accessible and more transparent transactions and records, they are still very much in their early days, which means they are vulnerable to risks such as hacks, fraud and theft.  

If run a business that handles crypto assets, or develops or operates on blockchain tech, you can’t afford to run the risk of operating with no insurance to protect you. Appropriate blockchain and crypto insurance will safeguard your blockchain business and your digital assets against the likes of:


  • Cyber attacks – this includes attacks on exchanges, wallets and other platforms

  • Theft of digital assets

  • Fraudulent projects 

  • Technical errors

Key Policy Features

We offer tailored insurance solutions for crypto exchanges, financial institutions that handle crypto assets and blockchain development companies. Depending on your blockchain or crypto insurance requirements, we can provide:  

  • Cover for loss from theft of funds and crypto assets
  • Cover for directors and officers when a claim is made against them
  • Protection against wrongful advice given to clients
  • Protection against technical errors
  • Cover for cyber crime and subsequent business interruption

A team you can trust

At Risk Advisory Hub we understand that every business in this space has unique needs, and insurance policies must be tailored to suit. With extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, our team can sit with you to learn more about your business and advise on the most suitable coverage for your needs. We will then work with the most experienced insurance providers in the industry to deliver a policy that mitigates the risks in this quickly changing industry. 

We can also provide any ongoing support to help you review your policy as the landscape changes, to ensure you’re always getting maximum coverage at the best price. Our claims advocacy team is also always ready to assist you with claims processes if a client has taken action against you or your business. 

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