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We provide a wide range of speciality insurance for niche industries

We believe that every insurance policy should be as unique as the business it protects. That’s why we work closely with leading insurers to cater for the needs of the industries in which we specialise. Whether you need AFSL professional indemnity insurance, Blockchain insurance, Investment managers insurance or Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, we ensure you get the right policy at the right price.

Blockchain/Crypto Insurance

The Risk Advisory Hub is Australias only specialist Insurance advice firm which offers Blockchain Insurance solutions tailored to the needs of businesses operating in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital asset space. 

Insurance for blockchain businesses includes a range of policies that protects companies in the blockchain industry from various risks. This can include coverage for cyber attacks, theft of digital assets, and other potential threats. Blockchain businesses, which rely heavily on technology and digital assets, are particularly vulnerable to these types of risks and can benefit from having insurance to protect against them. In addition to providing financial protection, having insurance can also help to increase customer confidence and trust in the business. Some insurance providers offer tailored policies for blockchain businesses, which can provide customized protection to meet the specific needs of these companies. We have experience in sourcing solutions for Crypto exchanges, Fund managers, NFT companies and lending operations.

Cover for loss arising from theft of funds and crypto assets
Cover for Directors and Officers whose personal assets are at risk when a claim is made agaisnt them
Protection against wrongful advice and technology errors
Cyber crime and business interruption

AFSL Professional Indemity

Since the completion of the Financial Services Royal Commission, ASIC has been focussed on prosecuting rather than negotiating, and now more than ever clients are willing to ask more questions. It is important to partner with a trusted advisor who understands this space and has strong relationships with the limited pool of insurers who can provide the right policies. 

As per the ASIC RG126 Regulatory Guide, a PI insurance policy must have a limit of at least $2 million for any one claim and all in the aggregate for licensees with total revenue from financial services provided to retail clients of $2m or less. For licensees with total revenue from financial services provided to retail clients greater than $2m, minimum cover should be approximately equal to actual or expected revenue from financial services provided to retail clients.

Assess your business
Assess potential liability
Assess the amount of cover
Assess scope of cover and whether it complies with RG126

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance helps financial services providers and businesses cover the cost of compensation claims and legal action should a client sue your business for negligence.

We ask the right questions, ensuring that you will have all the cover in place that you need, should you ever need to make a claim. It is important to make sure that when sourcing a PI policy, your business description is accurate and details of all the activities carried out by the company are disclosed to insurers. Remember, if any of your details are incorrect or not accurate, insurers can withhold the right to pay out on a claim.

Protect you should a client suffer financial loss as a result of working with your business
Optional extras are available to give your business even more protection

Investment Managers Insurance

As an investment manager, you are exposed to rigorous litigation claims for any financial loss arising out of the professional services and guidance you provide to your clients. 

That’s why you need a robust Investment Managers Insurance policy to protect you against risk exposures in relation to the raising of and management of funds from investors.

Whether you are an equities fund, PE/VC Fund, mortgage fund, property development or agricultural fund; an Investment Managers Insurance (IMI) policy can provide valuable coverage for the various exposures you face. Furthermore, in Australia, if your fund engages with retail investors (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001), the entity needs to hold a Professional Indemnity policy which complies with RG126 requirements.

Professional Indemnity insurance
Directors & Officers Liability insurance
Crime insurance for the Entity

Directors and Officers Liability

As a director or officer, you can be held under scrutiny from your company stakeholders and regulators. Actions you undertake in the course of your employment can put you at risk of being held personally liable. Even if you aren’t ultimately found to be liable, the cost of defending yourself can be significant.

Our team of insurance experts can help you protect yourself, as a director or officer, from reputational or financial costs. Directors & Officers Liability provides cover for claims against the directors, officers or employees (insured persons) of the company (insured organisation) for any actual or alleged act, error, omission, breach of duty, breach of trust, breach of authority, misstatement or misleading statement by them.  

Cover can include costs for legal defence, costs or pecuniary penalties awarded against you.

Cyber Insurance

We all know that cyber crime and extortion is a global issue, but it is now affecting more and more Australian businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Getting the right Cyber Insurance can be an invaluable tool to help you recover more swiftly and effectively in the event of an attack.

Cyber insurance is a form of cover designed to protect your business in the event of your data or systems being compromised by a threat actor. It is now more important than ever to protect your business against cyber crime through robust procedures, technology, and insurance. 

Mitigate the level of damage caused by a cyber attack, and provide financial and strategic support
Enables fast reaction to help you get back on yourfeet quickly.
Help with ransom costs payable as result of cyber extortion
Can cover business interruption caused by system downtime

Crime Insurance

It is no secret that fraud can cause significant damage to a company’s cashflow and profitability, not to mention investor confidence and company reputation. It is important to get the right protection for a whole range of evolving fraud risks.

Crime insurance protects you against money, goods, securities, stock, property or funds being stolen by third parties and even your own employees. Crime insurance also protects you and your business against the theft of clients’ money or property for which you are responsible.

Providing protection for funds belonging to the business or for which it is responsible for safeguarding
Covers theft carried out by both first parties (employees) or third parties.
Investigation costs incurred in auditing a claim
Interest payable or receivable due to a loss

Insurance Claims Advocacy

With our growing claims experience and reputation, we provide timely, hands-on claims oversight. We focus on risk management strategies and strategic claims analysis to mitigate future losses. 

Our clients receive access to dedicated claims advisors, who provide technical expertise in all aspects of the claims discipline for all lines of coverage.

Our claims advocates have the expertise to manage large, complex, or contentious claims, helping ensure favorable outcomes by leveraging our expertise and market relationships.

Provide strategic and technical advice
We can seek to engage additional specialist resources

Transactional Insurance

Transaction liability insurance is a very valuable tool for merger and acquisition deal facilitation, for both private equity firms and strategic buyers and sellers.

It serves as a risk management tool that transfers the risk of losses from the seller to a third party. This reduces or removes exposure by the buyer to any breaches of the warranties provided.

We provide tailored insurance solutions designed to facilitate and support merger and acquisition transactions. Our solution includes Warranty & Indemnity Insurance, Tax Liability Insurance, Environmental Insurance, Litigation Insurance, Contingent Liability Insurance and Public Offering of Securities/IPO Insurance.

De-risks transactions by transferring deal risk to the insurance markets
Enables a clean exit, expedited returns to investors
Eliminates tax risks relating to the structuring
Bridges divergences in risk assessment between buyer and seller

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